Oregon Grown Gift Shop opened in 2014 to OMMP medical patients, and expanded to serve all adults age 21 and over in October 2015. Oregon legalized medical marijuana in 1998, and members of the Oregon Grown team have a long history of advocating for the use of cannabis for various therapeutic purposes.


Some feedback from our customers via the Oregon Grown Leafly portal:

“I always come to this dispensary since it’s close to my house and they usually have a good deal going. Friendly service and a chill atmosphere. Their 5 for $25 pre rolls are actually made with bud not shake! I’m pretty stoked about that since everywhere else has gnarly shake joints for more money. This place is a solid choice.”

“nice variety of strains, very knowledgeable staff. Awesome location”

“I drive across town just to come here [their] specials are amazing and the staff is very knowledgeable, I absolutely love this place. I wouldn’t recommend another. ”

“This is definitely one of my favorite dispensaries! They have consistently good product (from some of my favorite farmers!), for a great price. And the staff are amazing! Super friendly, and knowledgeable, but never pretentious. Even the super cute new budtender I met today was fantastic.”


We believe that knowing your grower is important, and how your cannabis is grown matters. For flowers, we feature small-batch, craft-nurtured strains from Oregon Grown Gardens and other growers we know and trust. Our other product partners include Lunch Box AlchemyApothacana, Legal, Brilliant Extracts, Wyld, Jolly Bee, Empower, Periodic Edibles, Who? Walking Oil, Hush Oils, Oregon Bounty, That Taffy, Delta 9 Confections, Med With Love.

About Oregon Grown and Our Vision

An important part of our vision requires that we do the research and choose the highest quality products. Our customers enjoy the confidence of knowing that whether looking for flowers, medibles, tinctures, concentrates, or topicals, they are receiving the best available, at excellent prices. Join us, and let us knock your socks off.